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Der Digital Summit Liechtenstein ist ein Aushängeschild der Standortinitiative Die zweite Ausgabe des Digital Summit am 25. September 2019 in Vaduz widmet sich dem […]
The Crypto Country Association is an association dedicated to supporting the blockchain and crypto currency sector in Liechtenstein. The aim is to coordinate the application and disseminati […]
Development room for technology startups. We help our members to realize their ideas. Technopark Liechtenstein offers space for new cooperation, for ideas, technological inventions and deve […]
We offer education services on blockchain technology. We can help you on your business problem with a Blockchain Business Case Identifier (BCI) Workshop. We can also support you to build up […]
Our aim is to exchange knowledge and experience about computers and computer science within the association and to make it accessible to the public. We want to bring the topic of computers […]
Around 600 decision-makers from the financial sector visit the annual Finance Forum Liechtenstein (next event in March 2020) in Vaduz. Topics include "Disruption in the Financial Sector 20 […]
The Investor Summit Liechtenstein - powered by LIM - takes place annually (next event on 31 October 2019) at the SAL in Schaan/Liechtenstein. The event networks start-ups and SMEs in search […]
In February, the University of Liechtenstein launched a certificate course "Blockchain in Finance and FinTech". This new course is supported by Bank Frick. The bank supports the development […]
In the heart of Liechtenstein’s financial and legal center, House of Blockchain offers a space for your ideas to flourish. House of Blockchain’s mission is to become the hub and enabler of […]
Welcome to the blockchain community in Liechtenstein and beyond. Everyone is welcome! We are all interested in innovation and blockchain technology with different use cases. We have compete […]
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