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Bank Frick specialises in banking for intermediaries. The Liechtenstein bank offers a fully integrated range of classic and block-chain banking services. Its clients include Fintechs, asset […]
We digitalize the world of securities and token issuances with our marketplace area2Invest. In accordance with regulatory requirements we make financial products more transparent, cost- and […]
Empowering a new generation Wir decken die gesamte Wert­schöpfungs­kette der Fintech­ökonomie ab und geben unseren Nutzern mit unserem dezentral­isierten Wallet die volle Kontrolle über Ih […]
LCX is building a financial ecosystem for crypto and fiat alike to become the new category leader in blockchain banking. LCX will be offering industry-leading crypto asset financial produc […]
edeXa bietet den Unternehmen innovative Lösungen für die Supply-Chain auf der Blockchain. Jede Transaktion auf der Blockchain wird in Echtzeit verarbeitet, erfüllt höchste Sicherheitsansprü […]
Bitwala GmbH is cooperating with a German CRR credit institution. They offer a banking experience that merges crypto and FIAT. Together with the German CRR credit institution, Bitwala offer […]
THE COMPLETE TOKEN GENERATION EVENT SOLUTION. Deliver a class-leading TGE, with the SmartOne Foundation TGE Standards, Accredited Members and Legal Services. - PRODUCE a Structured and Ef […]
Security Token Exchange for Alternative Investments. We tokenize, list and trade alternative investments such as shares in private companies, venture capital funds, real estate and digital assets.
Cryptoz Liechtenstein is the right partner for blockchain companies who are looking for a service ecosystem which allows to accelerate their business. With our client onboarding platform we […]
ABC Platform uses Blockchain Technology to ensure efficent, democratic access to Earth's resources. Everyone can own material that build the future - Asset-Based Cryptocurrencies (ABCs) ar […]
Innovative cashback system is the new online marketplace where you automatically get cashback for every purchase you make, without having to collect points or redeem coupons.
We consider crypto tokens as a new asset class. Fundamental analysis and token selection combined with safe storage are the keys to successful investing. Around 2’000 token are currently li […]
With a Bitcoin ATM you can exchange money for Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. Bitcoin ATMs give you instant access to the world of digital currencies. They make the money of the futur […]
Our goal with the STONE COIN is to achieve a sustainable, serious and to establish a future-oriented payment token with an effective REAL SHIELD.
INVAO is a global Blockchain Investment Management company. We develop sophisticated financial products with a cross-industry approach to enable investors to participate in Blockchain's gro […]
We believe in Thinking Different. We refuse to use old methodologies to solve new problems. We provide our clients deep insights into financial markets and digital services for the new world.
Around 600 decision-makers from the financial sector visit the annual Finance Forum Liechtenstein (next event in March 2020) in Vaduz. Topics include "Disruption in the Financial Sector 20 […]