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Bank Frick specialises in banking for intermediaries. The Liechtenstein bank offers a fully integrated range of classic and block-chain banking services. Its clients include Fintechs, asset […]
Development room for technology startups. We help our members to realize their ideas. Technopark Liechtenstein offers space for new cooperation, for ideas, technological inventions and deve […]
Security Token Exchange for Alternative Investments. We tokenize, list and trade alternative investments such as shares in private companies, venture capital funds, real estate and digital assets.
INVESTMENT DIAMONDS JUST BECAME INSTITUTIONAL-GRADE SwissDiamondCoin™ is re-imagining investment diamonds as an institutional asset class - for portfolio diversification, inflation hedging, […]
We consider crypto tokens as a new asset class. Fundamental analysis and token selection combined with safe storage are the keys to successful investing. Around 2’000 token are currently li […]
A revolutionary approach to bring art as a stable, successful and secure alternative asset on the blockchain. Every TAT is backed by 100% carefully curated renowned works of art. With its 1 […]
Our goal with the STONE COIN is to achieve a sustainable, serious and to establish a future-oriented payment token with an effective REAL SHIELD.
INVAO is a global Blockchain Investment Management company. We develop sophisticated financial products with a cross-industry approach to enable investors to participate in Blockchain's gro […]
The global financial market is changing. We’re empowering you to Own that change. Through our ecosystem, businesses can issue primary offers, sell shares, attract global investors and manag […]
Novem Gold is changing how gold is bought, sold, and stored throughout the world. You own the gold Even in the unlikely event that Novem Gold goes bankrupt, the gold is still entirely your […]
Around 600 decision-makers from the financial sector visit the annual Finance Forum Liechtenstein (next event in March 2020) in Vaduz. Topics include "Disruption in the Financial Sector 20 […]
The Investor Summit Liechtenstein - powered by LIM - takes place annually (next event on 31 October 2019) at the SAL in Schaan/Liechtenstein. The event networks start-ups and SMEs in search […]
At Union Bank, we combine the solid foundation of a private bank with the dynamic mentality of a start-up bank.
Welcome to the blockchain community in Liechtenstein and beyond. Everyone is welcome! We are all interested in innovation and blockchain technology with different use cases. We have compete […]
Bitcoin Suisse is pioneering crypto-financial services since 2013. The company played a crucial role in the development of the Crypto Valley and the overall Swiss blockchain ecosystem. The […]