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We digitalize the world of securities and token issuances with our marketplace area2Invest. In accordance with regulatory requirements we make financial products more transparent, cost- and time-efficient for investors and issuers.
We offer a wide range of investment opportunities:
– Investor onboarding for non- and professional investors
– Listing of traditional and tokenized financial products
– Cross-border private and public placements


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Was hat dein Unternehmen mit Blockchain zu tun?
With area2Invest we combine the "old" world of investment with the "new" world: In addition to traditional instruments, investors are able to invest in tokenized instruments.
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Welches Problem löst ihr?
Lack of access to regulatory compliant DLT-based investment opportunities.

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I studied Business Management and Global Banking & Finance and gained capital market experience, i.a. as Head of Investor Relations of a listed technology company and as Head of Capital Mar […]