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CoreLedger provides a decentralized, unlimited, and extendable operating system for token economies, designed for all types of assets, commodities, and services. CoreLedger AG was founded in Liechtenstein, in March 2017.


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What does your company have to do with Blockchain?
We provide blockchain-based infrastructure with a set of tools and technologies which are developed in-house
How many employees does your company have?
How do you promote talents and strengths in the company?
We provide a flat hierarchy and open working environment for talented people to fully exhibit their skills and take on additional responsibilities.
What problem do you solve?
We help businesses to leverage on the benefits of blockchain technology with a set of in-house developed tools and technologies.

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Bernhard started programing DOS based code at the age of 12. He had always a deep interest in technology, marketing, communications and sales. He took over several business development posi […]