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Cryptoz Liechtenstein is the right partner for blockchain companies who are looking for a service ecosystem which allows to accelerate their business. With our client onboarding platform we are the major service provider for onboarding & compliance outsourcing tailored to ICO/STOs but also financial institutions


Digitaiz GmbH
Zollstrasse 82
9494 Schaan

What does your company have to do with Blockchain?
We offer a compliant end-to-end digital client onboarding solution including service outsourcing which provides a compliant, technologically state-of-the-art & cost-sensitive approach to client onboarding, especially for ICO/STO companies
How many employees does your company have?
How do you promote talents and strengths in the company?
Although we have a clear goal, we offer a lot of freedom to bring in new ideas, to discuss topics and to work on innovations.
What problem do you solve?
We bring compliance with a high level of quality to the blockchain world

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Co-Founder of Cryptoz Liechtenstein (Digitaiz GmbH)