ezzy AG



ezzy is an innovative e-commerce platform that makes use of the most advanced technologies for secure and profitable access to goods and services.
Trust, fairness, and collaborative, respectful behavior by all market partners are key values that ezzy promotes and rewards.
A powerful online framework for an extremely wide range of business transactions, ezzy is simplified and supported by numerous innovative and intelligent features.


ezzy AG
Landstrasse 63
9490 Vaduz
Fürstentum Liechtenstein

What does your company have to do with Blockchain?
the ecosystem is buildung by graphene (blockchain), and the customer could pay via cryptocurrency
How many employees does your company have?
Team: 19 People
How do you promote talents and strengths in the company?
What problem do you solve?
To supersede centralized online platforms! To dispense with the paternalism, manipulation, expensive fees, organized data piracy, and unnecessary invasion of the private sphere that pervade online commerce!