Benedikt Foser



Growing up in a time with fast technological progress, it was fascinating to see ideas and features established in a few years’ time. I can already imagine new future purposes in areas, where it is beneficial and reasonable. In my opinion there has to be a meaningful use case and simple usability for projects to succeed long term. I am in touch with the blockchain space since early 2016, as we started to organize our blockchain meetups, creating a community in Liechtenstein and the region.


Ganten Trustees Ltd.
Marktgass 11
9490 Vaduz

What is your exact function?
Accountant @ Ganten Trustees Ltd., Eventmanager @ Blockchain Meetup Liechtenstein, Pitch-up Liechtenstein & Cryptoworld party, Jun. projektmanager @ Ganten Trustees Ltd.
How do you relate to the blockchain?
Professional with Ganten Trustees Ltd., Professional with Blockchain Meetup Liechtenstein, Pitch-up Liechtenstein & Cryptoworld party, Private interest

Works at
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