Bernhard Elkuch



Bernhard started programing DOS based code at the age of 12. He had always a deep interest in technology, marketing, communications and sales. He took over several business development positions in his career up to top management level. He started gaining interest in Blockchain at the beginning of 2016 by being Co-Founder of CoreLedger. He is Co-Organizer of several Meetups and Crypto/Blockchain Events, as well as Advisor to several projects.


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What is your exact function?
Head Business Development
How do you relate to the blockchain?
Co-Founder CoreLedger AG
Which Blockchain project was the most exciting (and why)?
What do you wish for the future?
Blockchain für die breite Masse

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CoreLedger provides a decentralized, unlimited, and extendable operating system for token economies, designed for all types of assets, commodities, and services. CoreLedger AG was founded i […]