Daniel Piralli


Über mich

„The digital world is the future and I want to get involved.“

Inspired by this statement, I switched from the technical project manager in mechanical engineering to the digital world. Now I can let my enthusiasm for digital projects run wild.

As an industrial engineer, I understand how to use my skills optimally in economic and technical matters. In this way, I recognize connections as a „big picture“. I’m glad to implemented my experience in project management, for ICO.li with great success.


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Was ist deine genaue Funktion?
Founder and Projectmanagement
Wie stehst du mit der Blockchain in Verbindung?
With our awesome blog and now also via the great directory we connect Blockchain service providers with Blockchain Start ups.
Was wünscht du dir für die Zukunft?
Blockchain is inevitable and will conquer the world

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