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With nearly a decade of experience in Online Marketing, I am currently working as a Digital Growth Consultant at Co Agency in Liechtenstein. In my role I advise clients the best strategies, […]
Severin Kranz has worked for several years as a consultant in the Fintech sector and in asset management. Since 2015 he has also been intensively involved with crypto currencies and distrib […]
André Wolke, CEO & Co-Founder of Validity Labs, founder of the BIOTS program, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Influencer and Electronic Engineer by heart. He has a wealth of experience in bridging in […]
Seit 2018 berate ich die Kunden der Agentur A45 bei digitalen Fragestellungen. In der Projektleitung ist mir wichtig, dass unsere Kunden ihre Bedürfnisse und Ideen unkompliziert an uns weit […]
Bernhard started programing DOS based code at the age of 12. He had always a deep interest in technology, marketing, communications and sales. He took over several business development posi […]
Josef Bergt is specialized in the fields of European and Liechtenstein Corporate, Banking and Financial Markets Law and has a comprehensive expertise in connection with the regulatory frame […]