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Severin Kranz has worked for several years as a consultant in the Fintech sector and in asset management. Since 2015 he has also been intensively involved with crypto currencies and distrib […]
André Wolke, CEO & Co-Founder of Validity Labs, founder of the BIOTS program, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Influencer and Electronic Engineer by heart. He has a wealth of experience in bridging in […]
Growing up in a time with fast technological progress, it was fascinating to see ideas and features established in a few years’ time. I can already imagine new future purposes in areas, whe […]
Josef Bergt is specialized in the fields of European and Liechtenstein Corporate, Banking and Financial Markets Law and has a comprehensive expertise in connection with the regulatory frame […]
"The digital world is the future and I want to get involved." Inspired by this statement, I switched from the technical project manager in mechanical engineering to the digital world. Now […]
As I have always wanted to make the world a better place, I think that it is important to empower and educate in order to gain. The more people are reached, the further the technology can i […]